Advantages and disadvantages of winter decoration

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Autumn is fleeting, and winter is coming. Winter decoration has certain advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian introduces you the three advantages and disadvantages of winter decoration, which makes your winter decoration more worry free

first, the three "benefits" of winter decoration, first, material inspection. Winter is the time when the moisture content of wood is the lowest, but the dryness of wood is higher. In winter decoration, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can test the wood and construction quality. After a month or two, the potential quality problems will be reflected. At this time, the paint has not been painted and handed over. The construction personnel can modify or dismantle it immediately, which can ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time. Second, heating effect. You can directly experience the heating situation in winter. If the room temperature is not ideal, you can also adjust it. That is, use other heating methods. If the decoration affects the indoor temperature, you can also change the decoration method or heating method at any time. Third, decoration design. Fewer people decorate in winter, and consumers have more opportunities to choose. Because there are few decorators this season, many decoration companies will let multiple designers work together to complete a design, and the service is very good. 2、 The first of the three "disadvantages" of winter decoration is that the tiles won't stick. There are standards for decoration conditions. Decoration can be carried out above zero degrees Celsius. Human body temperature can increase indoor temperature and keep the room warm; The combination of carbon dioxide exhaled by people and air will produce benzene, which can stabilize the white and wallpaper pasted on the wall. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the problem of "ceramic tile sticking". Second, the paint problem. Now, the "three component" paint is used, which is composed of topcoat, diluent and curing agent. It can be properly mixed according to specific needs, so that the paint will not fall off. Generally, the ambient temperature of coating construction should not be lower than 5 ℃, and the ambient temperature of commonly used mixed color coatings should be above 0 ℃, while the ambient temperature of varnish application should not be lower than 8 ℃, so long as the coating construction in winter is not a problem. Third, worry about wood deformation. Many consumers will always worry about whether the wood products will crack and deform as soon as the heating is over after the decoration in winter. In the past, we used to let the wood dry naturally. Now, with the progress of science and technology, we use "dry kiln" to dry it mechanically. As long as you pay more attention during maintenance and transportation, you can rest assured





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