Pure Thai style, full of fragrance and charm

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I believe that the majority of netizens have learned a lot about home decoration style, including Chinese style, European style, American style, Mediterranean style, pastoral style, etc., but few people will pay attention to Thai style. Today, Xiaobian will show you a Thai style decorated house, hoping to give some inspiration to friends who want to decorate

Thai decoration is mainly made of wood carvings and other wood products. Through careful construction, the whole room shows a lazy and relaxed feeling in Southeast Asia

the living room set off by red and green, feeling the Thai style

the bedroom is mainly pink

speaking of Thai massage, I believe everyone is familiar. Building the bathroom into a Thai massage hall, coupled with a comfortable small bath, can resolve the hard work of the whole day and enjoy life comfortably

very distinctive wash basin

Thai decoration is mainly wood carving and other wood products

the walls are mainly khaki, medium yellow and light brown

Thai characteristic mirror frames





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