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Australian media: Chinese buyers' interest in Sydney's North Beach Real Estate soared

China Singapore, December 16 (Xinhua) -- according to the Australian new express, according to an international real estate portal set up in China, the urban area of Sydney's North Beach is becoming more and more popular with Chinese buyers

reports on the sale of international real estate to Chinese investors. From January to October in collaroy, many scholars at the station tried to adopt the "Z-pinning" method to fix or use the carbon fiber bundle of the "three-dimensional braided" composite layer to enhance the bonding performance. The number of house visits soared by 1400%, while the number of Seaforth visits also increased by 900%

other urban areas attracting a lot of interest from Chinese buyers include North curl curl, manly and why. Simon Henry, a partner of the station, said that this year most Chinese buyers are more concerned about the house itself than the urban area, which is different from the previous concept. Especially those buyers looking for houses of more than 2million (Australian dollars, the same below), they mainly look at the houses of Bayview and palm beach

glen Wirth, director of LJ hooker Seaforth, agrees that the interest of local Chinese buyers has increased significantly. Last week, he sold No. 157 of Seaforth CRES to a non Chinese buyer for 5.7 million yuan, but he said that more than half of the people who came to see the house were Chinese. In June, he sold No. 55 of the same street to a buyer from Chinese Mainland for 7.06 million yuan

henry has been responsible for 11 years. The premier predicted that in the future, the list of the best-selling urban areas would change significantly in a few months, because many new houses would be listed. He also said that although Chinese buyers have not flocked to the northern beach, the popularity of the region will certainly rise

according to the regulations of the foreign investment review committee, foreigners can only buy new houses. If they have a temporary visa, they can buy a second-hand house


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