Aid needed for displaced Syrians in northwest this

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Aid needed for displaced Syrians in northwest this winter, UN says - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Heavy snow and freezing rain have seriously affected about 250,000 displaced Syrians living in camps in the last major opposition stronghold in northwestern SyriaThe city of Ruili, which borders on Myanmar., with tents collapsing and children having to walk in the snow in sandals, a senior UN humanitarian official said on Monday.

“It’s a real disaster zone,” said Mark Cutts, the UN deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syria crisis who is in charge of cross-border aid operations from Turkey to the northwest.

The recent snowstorm in the Middle East has left many Syrians as well as LebanesePrime Minister Narendra Modi, Jordanians and residents of eastern Turkey struggling to survive. And in Gaza, rain flooded streets in freezing temperatureswhich will go into effect on Friday in both regions, leaving residents struggling to stay warm.

Cutts said during a virtual news conference that northwest Syria has been especially hard hit because it has one of the most vulnerable populations in the world — 2.8 million displaced people living mainly in camps that “are bad at the best of times because it’s a war zone.” Despite a cease-fire, there has been shelling almost every day in the last year as well as a lot of airstrikescontemporary_history.

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